Matthijs la Roi is a Dutch and German registered architect who graduated Cum Laude as a Master of Science in Architecture at the Delft University of Technology with a specialization in non-standard and interactive architecture at the Hyperbody research group. After graduating, he worked as a project architect at LAVA in Stuttgart, where he was involved in projects from small interiors to airports in Europe and the Middle-East.

He has worked as educational staff for the education and support in architectural design software such as Grasshopper, Maya and Rhino at TOI from the Delft University of technology.


Piotr Basynski is a Polish architect, currently working at LAVA Stuttgart. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology . He has particular interest and skills in computational design, digital fabrication and electronics, which he uses while working on large scale LAVA projects located in Germany and the Middle East.

Before joining LAVA Stuttgart he worked in HWCD Shanghai on pojects of exexutive offices and masterplans. Before that, he worked also as a comutational designer in 'Michal Piasecki' Parametric Design Consultancy in Warsaw on projects ranging from custom made furniture to football stadiums. He participated in Smartgeometry workshops in London 2013 and Hong Kong 2014.


An interdisciplinary consultant and researcher. As a Phd student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, he investigates on digital representation and evolutionary computation. Robert authors the plug-in toolbox ‘octopus’ for Grasshopper and is involved in the de-velopment of ‘karamba’. 

Procedural design and optimization on international competi-tion- and construction-projects are the basis of his consultancy at Bollinger-Grohmann engineers. With his partners, he is practicing engineer and architect on domestic projects in the UK. He studied structural design in Delft and Vienna, studied in Studio Hani Rashid Vienna, and gives lectures and workshops since 2012. 


Tobias Jarosch joined Bollinger + Grohmann in August 2014. Cur-rently, he attends a part-time Master’s program in Project manage-ment of the Institute for Construction & Property in Augsburg, Germany. Tobias Jarosch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the University of Bochum in Germany with the focus on Building Physics and Building Materials Technology.  He is an acoustical specialist and expert in applying acoustic simulation tools in the design process.

Furthermore Tobias Jarosch supervised the design phase for the German Embassy in Washington. As deputy chief design engineer for IGF Zimmermann, he was also responsible for the development of key facade details and for the development of individual project solutions.